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Cosentyx, Real life, Real people.

Cosentyx is a biologic therapy designed to address specific proteins in the inflammatory process. Clinical trials for plaque psoriasis have shown that, within a 12-week period, most adults using Cosentyx achieved significant clarity or near-clearness of the skin. 

The approach: Promoting the idea of confidence, fast relief and sustained results, with the added notion of real people experiencing increased confidence once they achieve clearer skin.


EllaOne, One little pill. Really big deal.

When EllaOne sought to enter the US emergency contraception market, it needed to challenge the only contraceptive pill brand in the US, Plan B. The approach: Your body, your terms, your move. Made by women for women, naturally.

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Gardasil, Breaking through HPV misperceptions.

When Gardasil wanted to get the word out to those greatest at risk for contracting HPV (men and women, ages 19-26), it needed to change their misperceptions about HPV. The approach: a highly relevant, unconditional, and unbranded HPV awareness campaign with a heavy emphasis on social media.


Muscletech, Get the body that works for you.

As the leading bodybuilding supplement brand in the US, MuscleTech needed to maintain core consumers, fight off new challenger brands, and attract a new generation of fitness-minded consumers. The approach: promote superior product benefits in an integrated campaign with a strong social presence. The tone: confident, strong, and relevant. Muscle Tech is for everybody that has a better body inside. Bring yours out. 

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